7 Great lessons schools won’t teach your kids

” Formal education will make you a living. But self education will make you a fortune ” – JIM ROHN

We all want our kids to be highly successful in their life. But we often forget today’s schools and formal education is just good enough to make them a living. Most of the times, Schools teach us how to be a follower not a leader or an inventor. How to be a good employee but not an entrepreneur. They might teach our kids how to wish. But not to Dream big and achieve it. 

I learned most of these great and mind blowing life lessons through self education ever since I completed my 19 years of full time formal education, by reading books, blogs, listening to informative audio books and videos. My sincere thanks to my wife whose observations and impeccable knowledge in children’s pedagogy have been a great help for me to outline this post.

I always felt it could have been a different story if I ever knew these lessons at the early stages of my life. How many of you have felt the same in your life?

That’s the back ground why I would like to share those great lessons with you, which would help you to educate your kids at the early stages of their life.

1. Finding their life purpose

As a child, finding their life purpose might be hard and often messy for them.  Most of us feel it’s too late by the time we found our reason for being.  According to ikigai, the well known Japanese concept of life purpose, there are four major elements need to be converged to define your life purpose. They include;

  • What are they good at
  • What they love doing
  • What the world needs (Demand for their skills)
  • What you can get paid for (How they can make benefits out of it)

Each of these elements needs to work together to make their life purpose.

As a parent, it’s our great responsibility to help our children to find and make them well aware of what they are good at, Observe what they love doing most of the time, find out the Demand for that particular skill they possess. Find out how they can make use of their specialized skills and passion to create higher values in the society and simultaneously make monetary benefits in their life.

2. How to set goals in their life

Schools teach us the importance of goals. But they don,t teach us what an actual goal is, how to set it, and how to make it work.

 First and the most important thing we need to convince our kids is that, there are No limitations on what they can be, what they can have or achieve in their life whether it could be an income goal, relationship or health goal. This would highly help them to eliminate their self limiting believes.

Major characteristics of a well set goal

  • Clarity: We must help our children to decide what they exactly need to achieve in every key areas of their life. Goals must be very specific and crystal clear.
  • Goals must be measurable: If a goal is not measurable we would never be able to figure out the progress of it. Eg: If it is an income goal, It can be like “I earn 100,000 Dollar by 30th December 2022 “. Here “100,000 dollar”  is an amount which is measurable.
  • Goals must be Realistic: The goals must be realistic and attainable.  It doesn’t mean that it should be easily attainable. We have to encourage them to dream big and set higher level of goals for themselves.
  • Attached with a Deadline: A wish is always a wish. A wish or a dream becomes a goal when it’s attached to a time line tag. A Dream without a concrete deadline always remains a wish. Refer the set time limit in the above example.
  • Write it down: Teach our kids to write down their goals on a piece of paper. There is a great connection between our head and hands. When they write down a goal they get engaged in a psycho neuro motor activity. When it is written down, their goals take a form and they take power of their own. 

3. How to believe

Setting goals alone can’t lead to success. Once the goals are set, Our kids must be induced a firm belief that they can achieve any positive goals they set.  Make them understand It’s not necessary that we need to know all the answers or everything that how to achieve the set goals. That’s absolutely fine. Once the goals are set, just make them believe that they can achieve it and let it be. The rest will be taken care by the Universe.

We must devote at least a 10 minutes daily exercise to develop their self confidence. Make them believe whatever they can conceive in their mind or imagine can be achieved. You can help them to practice positive affirmations and self talks.

4. Taking action

The major reason for the failure to achieve their goals is delay or lack of action. Most of the people today live in a someday isle. They are waiting for a fine day to start working on their goals which never happens. We must teach our kids to just launch and take actions as soon as the goals are set. One step at the right direction is far better than hundred years of thinking about it. A salami slice exercise is very effective. Make an organized action plan and One slice or one step at a time. Teach them how to break down the tasks in to small slices and focus on that single step at a time. So that they feel a great sense of achievement every time when they complete each tasks.

5. Self education and acquiring necessary skill set to achieve their goals

The next step is to identifying the required set of skills and knowledge in their desired field.  If we are not helping them to move forward and develop their skills on a regular basis, they are falling behind. If they keep doing what they are doing, they have the same result. If we want to see better result, we must guide them in improving their skills and knowledge required to achieve their set goals. It is advisable to encourage them to follow an expert or different sources and materials to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in their desired field.

6. Time management

Most of the schools tell the children what to do within given deadlines. But don’t tell them how to manage their time and accomplish the given task on or before given deadlines. Kids need to understand everyone has got same amount of time in this world. No one has got more or less time. But their quality of life or level of achievement depends on the quality they spend their time on. Time management is the nucleus and everything we do is revolving around it. 

There are four major skills which would help our kids to be experts in managing their time:

  • How to stay organized and focused
  • How to avoid procrastination
  • How to prioritise tasts and eliminate least important tasks. The Eisenhower matrix is a great tool to try when prioritising tasks
  • How to finish a task. Help them to develope their finishing instinct and complete every task they start. No matter what. 

7. How to stay positive in their life

“Thinking “Is the most important thing we do in our everyday life. Our thoughts are very powerful to make major impacts on our life. It’s very important to train our kids to purposely induce and fill their mind with positive thoughts. Or else negative thoughts take over. We must teach our kids to be optimistic and accept what is happening in their life, Put what has happened behind them, Let it all go. Move on and have faith that good things are coming their way. Staying positive doesn’t mean that everything will turn out to be alright, Rather it is knowing that they will be alright no matter how things turn out.

It is also highly important to help them to surround with positive people and choose their friends at the early stages of their life

Conclusion : The quality of our children’s life highly depends on the quality time we parents spend with them. They might find these facts later at some points in their life. But certainly, It will make wonderful changes if we can teach them above lessons and cultivate a positive attitude at their childhood. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts events and outcomes in their life. It is a catalyst and it sparks extra ordinary results.

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  1. Hi, great article with amazing lessons on it. I totally agree parents play an important role in their kids teaching. The educational systems only covers the basics. Thanks for sharing these great lessons!

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